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What is the daily amount of data volume for each Agent? When Agent is offline, how large the storage volume is required?

1:The data collected from agent mainly include event log, statistics, screen snapshot history, document backup, IM contents, emails and printing images etc. Among of them, document backup and screen snapshot history file size are correspondingly large. Other data do not utilize too much storage spaces indeed.

2:The total size of document backup file depends on the document policy settings because IP-guard provides many flexible ways for users to backup data according to their needs.

3:The total size of screen snapshot history depends on the screen snapshot policy settings. Here is a typical reference for you: When the recording interval is set to 15 seconds and finally the size is about 4M per hour.

4:When the storage space remains less than certain level, the data stored in Agent side will be shrank. So that storing data in offline mode would not affect the normal operations in the OS.