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What is checkcode?

Checkcode is a unique identifier between server and agent. The checkcode stored in agent must be matched with server's checkcode, and then the server is granted to manage the agent. In case more than one server running at the same time in a network, this avoids the agent is managed by another server which may not belong to its original parent server. So, we highly recommend the system administrator first set the checkcode before deploying any agents.

How to

After the server starts up at the first time, right click the Service Manager icon and select from the popup menu ToolsCheckcode. System would request to input administrator login and password before setting the Checkcode. To confirm the setting, please input the Checkcode twice. Click OK button to complete the setting.

The default Checkcode is empty. Once the checkcode is new set, reset or updated, this data will be updated to connected agents automatically.

About Checkcode...

  • System Administrator has to memorize or record this Checkcode in the save place. In case the operating system is required to be re- installed or IP-guard is required to install on a new server, the last Checkcode must be input after the re-installation completed. Otherwise, those existing agents could not be connected to the new setup server because their checkcode are not matched. In this case, all agents must be re-installed.
  • If agents not appear in the Console, please go to IP-guard ConsoleEvents LogSystem to check whether it is checkcode error or not.