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Why agent failed to install using remote installation method?

If failure occurred during remote installation, please check the following items are available in your targeted computer:

1: If the current logon session does not grant administrator right, at this time the system would pop up a dialogue box to request input the login account and password with administrator rights.

2: Check ADMIN$ share is opened or not. Go to DOS Command Promote and type: net share command to see whether ADMIN$ is already opened or not. If not, then type net share ADMIN$ to invoke this function

3: Check any shared folders function is available. If not, please try to share a folder to invoke this function. For example, right click a folder, select PropertiesSharing. Then Select Share this folder. Input Share name and define permission. Click OK to invoke the shared folder function.

If still failed after the above checking and settings, we suggest you use the direct installation method.