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How to install IP-guard agent?

There are three installation methods to install agents: Direct, Remote and Logon Script Installation methods. Depending on the deployment environment, system administrator can choose either one for the agent deployment.

Direct Installation

To generate executable agent program, on IP-guard server, StartAll Programs
IP-guard V3
Agent Install Generator, showed as following:

Remote Installation

Using Remote Installation tool can help you install agents remotely and massively at a time. On the IP-guard server, click StartAll ProgramsIP-guard V3Agent Remote Installer to start the installation.

Click which computers you would like to install the agent. After selected, go to OperationInstall to start the installation. During installation, the administrator login and password are required if the current logon session is not administrator. The near bottom panel showing the details of installation status, if any failures happened, the panel will show you the description and corresponding error code.

If failure occurred during remote installation, please click here

Logon Script Installation

If your local area network has a domain server, you can use this method to deploy
IP-guard Agent to computers in your local area network. Use the Logon Script Manager to edit logon scripts of selected users in domain server. When those users use their computers to log on to the domain server, the logon script is run and IP-guard Agent will be installed to the selected computers remotely. For more details, please refer to IP-guard User Manual.