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How to install IP-guard server and console?

Make sure the SQL Server or MSDE is started up

1: Double click IPguard3.exe, select the installation language, and then click Next;

2: Main installation interface will show up, click Next;

3: The installation process prompts the default installation path. Users can select another path for installation. Please select a partition with a larger storage size for IP-guard server installation;

4: The installation process prompts the types and components. Users can select IP-guard server and console as they need. Click Next;

5: Select the path of short-cut inside the "Start menu". Click Next;

6: After verifying the settings, click Install and wait for the installation process to complete. Then, click Finish to end the installation. The server will startup and the IP-guard Service Manager will be displayed on the task bar.

About Console

Console is not necessary to install in IP-guard server. The purposes of console are to check data and provide statistics for analysis; real-time monitoring and maintenance and establish policy. The super administrator can create different accounts for their staff e.g. IT technical support, different department heads or supervisor to manage their groups. So, the console can install for different IPG users, the following is the console requirements.

Console OS: Win2000/XP/2003/Vista
Minimum: Pentium III 500/256MB 256MB hard disk space
Recommended: Pentium 4/512MB 1G hard disk space

Event Viewer helps trace the installation problems

During the server installation, installation process will determine the operation system and the version of the SQL Server. If the installation is not successful, please check the error message in Windows Event ViewerApplication to analyze the problems.