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To reduce time and cost constraints on maintaining the highly diverse and widely distributed IT infrastructures has become an absolute necessity for organizations, whether big or small. IP-guard System Management Solution provides IT managers with tools to gather software and hardware asset information automatically and maintain enterprise IT assets with convenience.

The comprehensive capabilities of IP-guard System Management Solution include:

Asset Management

With the help of IP-guard Asset Management Solution, administrators can record software and hardware information of every workstation in details. IP-guard also records hardware and software changes and pops up instant alerts in case of any changes of asset status.

Asset information can be exported to different file formats (php, CSV and XLS) for further customized analysis.

Asset Management Solution also enables you to manage non-computer assets (tables, chairs, air-conditions etc.) which can be self-defined.

System Security Management

IP-guard periodically scans, analyzes and fixes system vulnerabilities so as to improve system security management.

IP-guard ensures network security with real-time patch management, keeps track of security vulnerabilities periodically by monitoring patch release information, distributes and installs patches automatically via network.

With the help of System Security Management Solution, administrators can manage network communication by IP addresses, IP ports, sending and receiving direction in order to reduce staff's abuse of Internet. IP-guard supports IP and MAC binding.

Administrator can transfer software or files to and from remote workstations, to facilitate the transfer of diagnostic tools and log files.

Remote Maintenance

System Management includes real-time information checking and remote desktop. Administrator can check real-time information remotely on the console to analyze and solve problems in remote workstation. In addition, remote desktop enables administrators to connect to any IP-guard agent computers via Internet to control agent computers' right to use mouse and keyboard.

IP-guard System Management Solution can be applied to all enterprises with wide administration of a large and complicated computer system.

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