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It is an issue which puzzles the management of many organizations these days. How could the security of confidential information be well protected? IP-guard, innovative information security management software, offers a range of tools and functions to help organizations solve these problems! Its functions include the recording of details of operations of electronic files and prevention of illegal transfer via computers, external devices, network, removable devices etc.

The comprehensive capabilities of IP-guard Information Security Management Solution include:

Comprehensive Monitoring

IP-guard not only records employees' file operations in detail, but also protects enterprise confidential information from illegally transferring out via network or external equipments. In addition, IP-guard assists enterprises in identifying and blocking any illegal file operations, sends real-time alert and provides problem solutions for administrators immediately.

Effective Authorization Control

IP-guard manages the control right of devices and computers. Moreover, it also helps you limit unauthorized users to copy specific files to removable storage devices or network shares so as to prevent information leakage. In addition, unauthorized computers cannot access, share or communicate with other computers even if they are connected to the Intranet.

Transparent Data Encryption

IP-guard is able to auto-encrypt sensitive data with its data encryption function without affecting the normal use of data. Therefore, only authorized users, computers or applications can access this encrypted data.

IP-guard Information Security Management Solution is designed based on the International standards ISO/IEC 27001: 2005, which enables organizations to implement an effective framework to reduce risks associated with information security.

IP-guard Information Security Management Solution is particularly suitable and helpful for research institutes, governments, enterprises, etc.

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