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The misuse and abuse of network resources by employees is a significant source of virus threat and productivity drop within companies. IP-guard Employee Performance Management Solution standardizes computer behavior, and provides detailed records and complete analysis report on employees' computer usage for employers to evaluate employees' performance and work attitude.

The comprehensive capabilities of IP-guard Employee Performance Management Solution include:

Statistics and Log

IP-guard gathers statistics and provides analysis reports about application usage, website browsing, bandwidth allocation, etc. It also keeps track of all computer operations, contents of outgoing and incoming emails and their attachments, and histories of all instant messaging applications as well as files transferred via such applications.

Behavior Management

With the help of Performance Management solution, the administrator can manage network bandwidth by defining IP addresses, IP ports, and sending/receiving directions to restrict activities including playing network games, watching movies, chatting, using BT download which occupies a large amount of network bandwidths.

The IP-guard Web Browsing Policy and Application Policy make it possible for administrators to control network communication and application operations so as to reduce staff abuse of Internet and application resources, and improve their work efficiency as well.

IP-guard is not only able to real-time capture computer real-time screen activities periodically, but also supports multi-screen monitoring function. Furthermore, it is able to send instant alerts to both administrators and Agents in case of unauthorized use of computers.

IP-guard Employee Performance Management Solution creates exceptional value for human-based organizations.

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