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TCP/IP is the major communication protocol in IP-guard on which the Internet and most commercial networks run. It provides flexibility to expand from local network to remote network (e.g. branch offices/retails site) or other networks (e.g. partner site). IP-guard Server can remotely control computer through VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Internet connection. As all network centralized management is done in IP-guard Server, using IP-guard Console, administrators can remotely control and monitor the computers which may be located in different networks/domains easily.

Basic System Architecture

Server Functions
Server is installed in a computer with high storage capacity and performance.

  • Monitor agents and distribute polices automatically
  • Store the data gathered from agent computers
  • Log management and data archiving

Console Functions
Console is installed in administrator's computer or the server computer.

  • Check data and provide statistics and analysis
  • Real-time monitoring and maintenance
  • Establish polices

Agent Functions
Agent is installed in a computer to conduct real-time monitoring.

  • Carry out policies
  • Record agent operation data
  • Transfer collected data to server